Cheryl and Jenna in kitchen
Cheryl and Jenna portrait sitting

A daughter’s letter to her mom asking her to start a mother-daughter food blog together …

Dear Mom,

Nothing would bring me more joy than to start a mother daughter food blog as a team. As you begin a new stage of your life in retirement and I continue in my new role as a wife (and update: new mom), I thought what better way to mark these new chapters than together with this blog.

Throughout our lives, food has played an integral role in our relationship. From your challenges adapting to a very picky vegetarian eater (thank God I have moved on from the picky part!), to concerns over nutrition, to me having to call you from my apartment as I learned to fend for myself in the kitchen, to our new stage of mutual love and appreciation for food.

What I envision for our joint blog is a coming together of two very unique perspectives.

  • The Mother perspective (aka you): newly retired; living in the suburbs; experimenting with new foods and methods of cooking; years of experience in the kitchen; and a lover of entertaining friends and family.
  • The Daughter perspective (aka me): newly married (and recently a new mom in 2018); living in downtown Toronto; vegetarian but still hungry to try new tastes and experiences; also a lover of entertaining family and friends; and minimal experience in the kitchen.

I hope that with two different perspectives, we can encompass a broad range of interested readers.

I can only hope that you are as excited about this project for the two of us as I am, and I look forward to many food related adventures with you!

Happy Holidays (Dec 2015),

Love, Your Daughter Jenna (aka kooks)

Update…we’ve begun!…check out what Cheryl and Jenna‘s mother-daughter food blog is about.