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From the Diary of a Mom

I  just cleaned out my night table (I’m embarrassed to say, after about 15 years) and found my diary I had written about life with Jenna from 4 -8 years old.  I had totally forgotten about it.

The diary is a collection of short quips between Jenna and me that reflect, well, Jenna’s view of the world (and me). I’ve chosen a few pretty darn cute interactions to share with you.  OK, I may be little biased.


4  years old

  • Jenna (when she doesn’t want to eat the rest of her dinner):  I’m sick
  • Mom: So I guess you can’t have dessert
  • Jenna:  well, I’m a little sick, but not much
  • Jenna (when angry with her dad):  I’m going to make an appointment with the Police and he’s going to get you.


5 years old

  • Jenna (to librarian):  We don’t have our library card, so do you have any books to buy?
  • Jenna (to mom): If I put on my pyjamas, can I have an extra “life” [as in Mario-Nintendo]
  • Jenna:  Mariann sent me to my room today
  • Mom: Why?
  • Jenna: I yelled and stamped my feet because I told her I didn’t want the juice and she gave it to me anyways.  I didn’t like that.  I think it’s time to get a new nanny.
  • After coming home from a visit with Santa in the mall
  • Mom:  so what did Santa say?
  • Jenna:  He said “wow, you’ve grown so much!”  He noticed me!  He noticed me since I was four.  Do you believe he noticed me after 100 months?
  • Jenna: (nonchalantly): I woke up in the middle of the night last night and read for awhile
  • Mom: (to herself):  oh sure!

6 yrs old

  • Mom:  So tomorrow is your graduation event [from kindergarten]
  • Jenna:  I’m so excited.  It’s not for sure, but I think I’m getting a real award [diploma]
  • Jenna’s best friend Jodi was sleeping over and, early on, starting crying about wanting to sleep at her own home with Jenna
  • Jenna (to mom):  It’s ok Mom.  I’ve calmed her down.  I’ve got her in a nice comfortable place with a book.  Just don’t talk to her about going home.  It might start her up again. 
  • Mariann, Jenna’s nanny is leaving in a week…
  • Jenna:  For my next nanny, can we line them all up and I’ll choose?
  • Mom:  No sweetheart, this isn’t Mary Poppins.  It doesn’t work like that.

7 years old

  • Jenna (angry about having to do chores):  Mom, I came out of your stomach to have fun and a good time.  I didn’t plan to do chores.
  • Jenna:  can I have some ice cream?
  • Mom:  help yourself
  • Jenna:  it’s ok, I’ll wait till you’re free
  • Mom:  Jenna, if you’re not in bed by the time I count to 10, there’s no TV tomorrow
  • Jenna: OK, I can live with that
  • Mom: No TV for the whole day
  • Jenna: No, not that long
  • Jenna:  Mom, is Bugs Bunny Jewish or Christian?
  • Mom: I don’t really know. What do you think?
  • Jenna: Well, I think he’s Christian because Bugs Bunny doesn’t sound like a Jewish name

8 years old

  • After mom took away her TV for not coming to get her nails cut (several warnings later)
  • Jenna:  Mom, you threatened me and that’s not right.  Mom, you’re my role model.  Do you want me to grow up and be a mother that threatens her child?  Because that’s what you’re teaching me. 
  • Jenna: Mom, do we have any cocoa?
  • Mom: yes
  • Jenna:  Good, let’s leave Santa some this year.  It’s got milk in it and it’ll warm him up.  He’s probably sick of plain milk.
  • After putting Jenna to bed on Christmas eve, Mom returns a minute later to find Jenna sticking plastic candy canes onto the window (beside the menorah that was already there)
  • Mom: what are you doing?
  • Jenna:  I just want to make sure Santa knows I’m not just Jewish. 


Note to Jenna

I hope, kooks, you will never lose your easy laugh, your zest for life, your eagerness to try new things, your 110% effort at everything, your thoughtfulness and, of course, your creative, gentle way of speaking your mind that always leaves me wondering what my point was.

You will always be my baby girl, my kooks, my heart.  I am so proud of you. 

Love you forever.  Mom



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  1. Chi,

    Just Loved reading the Jennaisms from your diary but even more your birthday note to her.

    Love min