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Easy Sweet Treats

You need a gift or a potluck contribution. You want to look like you put in some effort. You have very little time to spare or you left it to the last minute. Well, we’ve got you covered with 6 easy sweet treats. 

For all 6 recipes, all you need is 22 minutes or less (with a bit of chilling time for a few). You can manage that!

Of course, maybe there’s no pressure and you’re just craving something sweet. 

Whatever the reason, try one of our tried-and-true easy sweet treats that truly take little effort and little time.  Then step back and soak up the applause.

If you’re looking for food gifts for the holidays, check out our full list of holiday treats.  Here are super easy and quick ones…

Microwave Brownie Recipe in 8 Minutes

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Company dropping by in 10 minutes? Craving something sweet, like pronto? Or need a quick potluck dessert? This chocolate-y, moist, fudgy microwave brownie recipe will do the trick.

microwave brownies cut into squares on plate

Crispy Butter Lace Cookies (22 minutes)

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These delicate, crispy, buttery Lace Cookies have been in our family for years. Ready in under 30 minutes and perfect for a tea, brunch, shower or dessert.

Crispy Buttery Lace Cookies

Old Fashioned Strawberry Shortcake (20 minutes)

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Every year my husband anxiously awaits Old Fashioned Easy Strawberry Shortcake that his mother made in the ’50s. An easy and decadent summer (or any time) dessert in 20 minutes.


Creamy Chocolate Fudge (3 minutes + chill time)

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3 ingredients.  3 steps.  3 minutes.  That’s what is takes to make this delicious, easy creamy chocolate fudge.  Mouth-watering.

3 minute Creamy Chocolate Fudge. so easy with only 3 ingredients

Chocolate Cranberry Rice Crispy Squares (15 minutes + cooling time)

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Loaded with chocolate, nuts and sweet-tangy cranberries, these Chocolate Rice Crispy Treats  are rich, crunchy, chewy, nutty, chocolate-y deliciousness.

Chocolate Cranberry Rice Crispy Squares

White Chocolate Bark – two kinds (5 minutes + chill time)

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White Chocolate Bark (or any bark for that matter) is pretty much the easiest candy treat you can possibly make.  Two to three ingredients.  Five minutes to put together.  About 20-30 minutes to chill.   Seriously.  It’s hard to even call this a recipe.  In fact, there are really no measurements.

Roasted Almond Bark



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