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17 Easy Brunch Recipes for Mother’s Day (2021)

I’m not a fan of tackling the restaurant crowd for Mother’s Day. This year, that’s not even a choice where I live 🙁 For me, the goal is to spend some quality time with my mother, not the kitchen. I prefer a home-based, low key, low fuss celebration with a few easy brunch recipes.

We usually keep it simple with bagels and smoked salmon (lox) or blintzes with berry sauce. And throw in an extra treat or two from one of the recipes below. Don’t forget the flowers!

stack of ricotta pancakes with caramelized bananas on plate

For 25 years, my mother and I lived in different cities. We are now reunited in Toronto and I am so grateful she’s still around to celebrate at 93. 

All these easy brunch recipes for Mother’s Day are vegetarian and can be made ahead in whole or in part. Many take less than 30 minutes to make.

Happy Mother’s Day from Two Kooks to all the moms out there! Wishing you a wonderful day.  heart cookies on a tray


Easy Naan Recipe
close up of naan on cutting board
You will be hard pressed to go back to eating store bought Naan bread after making this easy Naan recipe. With 4 basic ingredients and no special equipment, treat yourself to a delicious, versatile soft chewy bread for dipping, scooping or filling.
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Easy Butternut Squash Soup
bowl of butternut squash soup on plate
This satisfying, full-bodied easy butternut squash soup always gets rave reviews. It's velvety smooth, full of flavor, healthy and super simple. Make it on the stove top or instant pot.
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Tomato Tart with Puff Pastry
cut up Tomato Tart Puff Pastry appetizers
This casual, rustic tomato tart with puff pastry is a simple, tasty appetizer for a casual dinner party or a light lunch served with a salad and a glass of wine. When tomatoes are at their peak, the tart is amazing. But it still works beautifully when they're not due to the vinaigrette dressing that brightens them with herbs, garlic and capers.
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Crusted Goat Cheese Salad
crusted Goat cheese on greens
This simple goat cheese salad stars a round of goat cheese, breaded and fried to a golden brown, then nested on some dressed greens. Pretty, creamy, tangy and crunchy.
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Homemade English Muffins (easy step by step)
10 English muffins in a basket
A toasted English muffin slathered in butter and jam is one of life's little pleasures. You'll be happy to know that perfect homemade English muffins are easy to make with good instructions and no special equipment.
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Light Main Dishes

Apple French Toast Casserole
piece of french toast casserole on plate with yogurt and syrup ff
Make this apple french toast casserole the night before, then pop it in the oven the next morning. Serve with yogurt and maple syrup. Yum.
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Breakfast Strata (with great fillings)
baked breakfast strata with spinach, mushrooms and cheese in casserole dish f
The essence of a breakfast strata is eggs, milk, cheese and bread. The personality comes from great fillings - choose the ones you like. Assemble the night before. Pop the casserole in the oven the next day for a great comfort food dish.
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Vegetable Strudel Recipe
Vegetable Strudel in puff pastry cut open on parchment paper
This vegetable strudel recipe wraps a savory medley of sweet potatoes, onion, peppers, apple, spinach & goat cheese in a flaky buttery puff pastry. It's a wonderful make-ahead main or side dish for a special occasion. And easy with a great shortcut.
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Ricotta Pancakes with Caramelized Bananas
stack of ricotta pancakes with caramelized bananas on plate
We used the simplest methods to make this ricotta pancake recipe with caramelized bananas. Results? Mouth watering!
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Lemon Blueberry Pancakes
stack of lemon blueberry pancakes in plate with syrup on top and fresh blueberries
Lemon Blueberry Pancakes are a match made in heaven. Zesty lemon, plump bursting blueberries and fluffy pancakes. All smothered in butter and maple syrup or your favorite toppings. Yum.
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Super Moist Banana Bread (with a spoon)
banana bread sliced open with slices on side
No mixer needed for this delicious, super moist banana bread. We've gathered all the tips and variations you'll need to ensure success and adapt the recipe to your own tastes and preferences.
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Moist Lemon Blueberry Loaf
piece of Lemon-Blueberry Loaf. on plate
Moist, lemony and bursting with blueberries, this Lemon Blueberry Loaf is perfect for a tea, shower or brunch.
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Easy Cinnamon Buns
Easy Cinnamon Buns
Sinfully delicious and only 10 minutes of hands-on time (with a shortcut), these easy cinnamon buns are a huge treat for any occasion. Make them the night before and pop them in the oven for a decadent breakfast the next day.
(add 90 minutes or overnight rise time for dough)
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Crispy Buttery Lace Cookies Recipe
Crispy Buttery Lace Cookies
These delicate, crispy, buttery Lace Cookies have been in our family for years. Ready in under 30 minutes and perfect for a tea, brunch, shower or dessert.
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Key Lime Icebox Cups (no bake)
Key Lime Icebox Cups (no bake). 4 ingredients in this silky mouthwatering dessert.
Key lime icebox cups are a twist on the old chocolate wafer zebra cake and key lime pie. Silky, rich, creamy and DECADENT! Key lime lovers will rave about this no bake dessert. 
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Microwave Brownie Recipe in 8 Minutes
microwave brownies cut into squares on plate
Company dropping by in 10 minutes? Craving something sweet pronto? Or need a quick potluck dessert? This chocolate-y, moist, fudgy microwave brownie recipe will do the trick. 
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Easy Chocolate Fudge (3 minutes)
chocolate fudge pieces with nuts stacked on serving board f
Question: How do you make easy chocolate fudge? Better question: How do you make creamy, melt-in-your mouth, no-fail chocolate fudge with 3 ingredients, 3 steps in 3 minutes? Read on...
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Other Mother’s Day ideas

Instead of or in addition to a homemade meal for your mother, here are some creative ways to treat your mom right on Mother’s Day (by The Spruce). 


This post is updated every year for Mother’s Day with a few new easy brunch recipes. 


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