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31 Summer Sunday Dinner Ideas (2023)

We are sharing lots of delicious summer Sunday dinner ideas for you with fresh, simple ingredients – meat, chicken and seafood recipes, grilled vegetarian mains and sides, and summer salads. 

Sunday dinners with the family are a perfect time to squeeze in that last bit of weekend time together before the busy weeknights start. I especially love summers when we can grill or eat on the patio.

So grab a refreshing drink and start scrolling to find your perfect summer meal.

collage of summer recipes

What you will find here

Summer Sunday dinners have come a long way since the traditional roasted chicken and mashed potatoes. They don’t need to be a hassle! All of the recipes below are make-ahead, at least partially, and most are quick to prepare, under 30 minutes.

These easy sunday dinner ideas allow you to make the most of the summer harvest and inspire confident cooks or beginners to create a memorable end-of-weekend meal.

Many of the grill recipes can also be made in the oven or on the stovetop. .

And keep in mind that these recipes are also perfect for celebrations like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July and Canada Day!

Main Dishes – Meat, Chicken and Seafood

Smoked Chicken Thighs (without a smoker)

Treat yourself to juicy, mildly smoky BBQ chicken with this smoked chicken thighs recipe. No need for a smoker, wood chips or long cooking times. Just a simple wood plank to infuse the smoke flavor and make the grilling easy. And don't be intimidated by plank grilling – it's surprisingly simple! 
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Canadian Maple Cedar Plank Salmon

This rich, mildly smoky Canadian Maple Cedar Plank Salmon is glazed with maple syrup, balsamic, grainy mustard, butter & garlic.  Easy, mouthwatering and a big crowd pleaser.
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Grilled Flank Steak (Marinated)

sliced flank steak drizzled with sauce and sauce in cup on side
When cooked right, this grilled marinated flank steak is a delicious, lean, robust-tasting meat that's a great choice for a crowd. And there are lots of great ways to use leftovers if you're lucky enough to have any.
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Juicy Bone In Pork Chops (Grilled or Pan Sear)

glazed pork chops on white plate
If you're tired of dry, bland pork chops, look no further. These glazed bone in pork chops are juicy, tender, moist and flavorful. You will be amazed at what a few tips and tricks can do.
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How To Grill The Perfect Steak

grilled rib steak on cutting board
There's something groan-worthy about taking that first bite of a perfectly cooked tender, juicy well seasoned steak. Here are the steps and tips for how to grill the perfect steak based on years of grilling and research.
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Ribs With Peach BBQ Sauce

Ribs with peach barbecue sauce are super tender and full of bold, sweet and savory flavors. They cook low and slow, but the hands-on part is minimal. These scrumptious ribs are baked then finished on the grill or under the broiler.
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Spicy Honey Lime Chicken

The combination of honey (or maple syrup), soy sauce, sriracha, lime, garlic and ginger in this spicy honey lime chicken recipe is wicked. Delicious hot, room temp or cold. Use thighs for maximum flavor and moistness, but chicken breasts will work fine too.
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Homemade Peri Peri Chicken (Grilled or Baked)

finished peri peri chicken on cutting board with pineapple spears, peas and extra peri peri sauce.
Succulent peri peri chicken, inspired by Portuguese-African cuisine, is elevated to a whole new level with its tangy-spicy sauce. It's a must-try if you love bold and unique flavors. Make it as mild or as spicy as you like.
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Lazy summer dinner ideas

These recipes are easy and can be ready in 10-23 minutes.

Shrimp Roll Recipe (easy, easier, easiest)

3 shrimp salad rolls on white plate sprinkled with parsley
Shrimp may be the poor man's lobster, but this grilled shrimp roll recipe with dressed-up plump juicy morsels of shrimp in a buttery toasted roll feels decadent.
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Juicy Chicken Burger Recipe with Mango Salsa

grilled chicken burger with mango salsa with fries on plate.
I found a way to make ground chicken burgers juicy and flavorful. Kick them up a notch with a mango salsa for a great casual weeknight or BBQ dinner.
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Classic Chicken Salad Recipe

chicken salad sandwich in bun on plate
Perfect for a picnic, backyard hangout or a simple summer dinner (paired with an easy gazpacho), this classic chicken salad recipe is an old fashioned favorite. A little creaminess, a little crunch and lots of flavor. So quick and easy with leftover or rotisserie chicken.
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Easy Vegetarian Fajitas Recipe (20 minutes)

4 filled fajitas on cutting board with condiments f
In 20 minutes, you can be sitting down to a delicious, satisfying, assemble-your-own vegetarian fajita feast with your favorite toppings. Start with the basics – bell peppers, red onions, fajita seasonings and flour tortillas – then customize from there. Make the veggies on the grill or in a skillet.
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Quick Beef Noodles With Veggies (One Pot, 20 Min)

beef ramen noodles with veggies on plate.
Whip up a quick and easy one-pot beef noodles dinner in just 20 minutes with ground beef, vegetables, and ramen or instant noodles – all tossed with a delicious savory sauce.
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Shrimp Lettuce Wrap with Mango Slaw Recipe

single shrimp lettuce wrap on tray
If you believe that a low calorie, low carb, healthy, gluten-free and low fat dish can't be absolutely delicious,  Shrimp Lettuce Wraps with Mango Slaw will prove you wrong.
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Vegetarian Grill Recipes

Veggie Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

grilled stuffed mushroom cap on cutting board.
A delicious main or side dish, these veggie stuffed portobello mushrooms, filled with fresh vegetables, fresh herbs and mozzarella cheese, are a wonderful change of pace. When I talk about 'stuffed' in this recipe, I mean STUFFED!
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Easy Eggplant Parmesan (30 minutes)

piece of eggplant parmesan on plate
This easy Eggplant Parmesan recipe has no breading, no frying and no pre-salting. It's unfussy, healthy and simply delicious. Good shortcuts cut the time down to 30 minutes. Make it on the grill or in the oven.
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Instant Pot Risotto with Grilled Vegetables (30 Minutes)

risotto with grilled vegetables in a bowl.
Creamy risotto without the constant hands-on stirring? Yes! Instant pot risotto with grilled vegetables takes minimal effort for exceptional results. Ready in 30 minutes.
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Vegetarian Spaghetti with Wine Sauce (30 Minutes)

pasta with vegetables in wine sauce in skillet
Seasonal vegetables get front row attention in this vegetable pasta recipe with wine sauce. This vegetarian weeknight meal can be made ahead in 30 minutes with grilled or roasted veggies. A super versatile dish.
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Summer Salads for BBQs

Roasted Vegetable Salad With Quinoa (3 sides in 1)

tossed roasted vegetable and quinoa salad in bowl.
We love this Party Salad with Grilled Vegetables and Quinoa, loaded with eggplant, corn, peppers and maple-balsamic dressing. Three sides in one colorful dish. Or a great stand-alone main dish with some crusty bread.
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Pesto Orzo With Vegetables (20 Minutes)

pesto pasta with veggies in bowl with tomatoes beside it
A taste of summer, Pesto Orzo and Vegetables is a super flavorful, healthy dish with pesto, spinach, green beans and cherry tomatoes. Ready in 20 minutes.
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Lemon Orzo Salad With Grilled Vegetables

lemon orzo salad with grilled veggies in white bowl.
Lemon orzo salad with grilled vegetables is a beautiful make-ahead, nutritious, under-30-minute side dish. Light, fresh, summery and totally customizable.
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Arugula Peach Salad With Walnut Dressing

arugula peach salad with walnut dressing in bowl.
This beautiful peach salad recipe puts those juicy ripe peaches of summer in the spotlight and is easy to prep ahead. Just add the deliciously rich, nutty walnut dressing before serving.
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Best Citrus Salad With Greens

Sweet oranges and tangy grapefruit tossed in vinaigrette over salad greens make this delicious citrus salad a lovely all-season salad. Refreshing and pretty! We use a simple citrus vinaigrette for zip, nuts for crunch and creamy avocado for a contrasting texture. Quick, easy and beautiful. 
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Herbed Potato Salad (no eggs, no mayo)

bowl of herbed potato salad in garden
Herbed potato salad is a delicious side dish that's quick and easy to make and bursting with lemon, garlic and fresh herb flavors.
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Tomato and Onion Salad

This sweet, tangy Marinated Tomato Salad with homemade Catalina dressing creates a colorful side dish even when tomatoes are not at their best. Use regular, cocktail or cherry tomatoes.
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Zesty Quinoa Salad With Fresh Vegetables

veggie quinoa in serving bowl 2
This flavorful zesty quinoa salad is packed with healthy fresh veggies, pops with bold colors and is super versatile. Great for lunches, potluck or buffet tables.
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Corn and Tomato Salad

corn tomato and quinoa salad on glass plate
Don't let summer end without a sweet corn and tomato salad. Add quinoa to the fresh corn and tomatoes to make it a satisfying vegetarian main dish. Easy, quick and versatile with whatever you have on hand. 
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The Best Grilled Vegetables

Grilled Sliced Eggplant (Sweet & Tangy)

grilled sliced eggplant on cutting board.
Eggplant lovers will rave about this grilled sliced eggplant recipe with a sweet and tangy glaze. The beautiful bold colors make this an impressive side dish at any BBQ or picnic.
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Grilled Peaches Recipe

grilled peach halves on plate
(I know this is a fruit – so good!) This grilled peaches recipe will transform summer peaches into a bit of magic in less than 10 minutes. The true taste of summer.
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Charred Onions on the Grill

charred onions in grill basket
Tender, sweet charred onions on the grill make a delicious condiment or side dish and are a snap to make using a grill basketLittle effort, big return. A pretty traditional topping for burgers, but also delicious in burritos, quesadillas, scrambled eggs, salsas, quinoa or rice dishes.
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Grilled Potatoes and Veggies

grilled veggies and potatoes in grill basket
Next time you're grilling some steaks or your favorite protein, try these super easy grilled potatoes and veggies – a two-in-one side dish. Dinner in a flash with whatever veggies you have lying around. And a perfect way to use that great summer produce.
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Grilled Carrots With Balsamic Glaze

grilled balsamic glazed carrots on plate
These vibrant, sweet, tender, caramelized Grilled Carrots with Balsamic Glaze add a little drama to the table. A great side dish for BBQs and potlucks.
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Grilled Purple Cabbage Slaw (Bold & Beautiful)

grilled purple cabbage slaw on white plate.
Purple cabbage slaw is transformed on the grill into our version of a super flavorful, no mayo coleslaw. The vibrant colors of the red cabbage, julienne carrots, green onion  and sesame seeds make a stunning vegetarian side dish.
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Having guests? Add some appetizers and desserts

If you want to step up your delicious meal, add an appetizer or two with one of these popular vegetarian appetizers (and fun serving tips).

One of my favorite all-time apps is this easy homemade naan bread with a 5-minute red pepper dip.

Or top off your meal with sweet treats that take 30 minutes or less to make. Can’t go wrong with that!

Happy summer days!

Just one more thing. The summer heat can certainly be a good reason not to want to stand in a hot kitchen or cook over a hot grill. If you have the equipment, the sous vide cooking method is a fabulous way to avoid all that. Here are our best sous vide recipes to add to our list of easy Sunday dinner ideas if you want to go that route.

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